The Adam Project: Movie Review

Time-travel narratives are always a conundrum. You have to balance reality, science, and fantasy and wrap it up in a believable and relatable fashion. "The Adam Project" ain't that kind of time-travel film. Its science was highfalutin, hard-to-follow, and just wonky. It was too much fantasy in our opinion. Luckily, the film isn't that too serious. And its comedy and predictable drama trumps its scientific drawbacks.

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In the year 2050, time-travel is real but instead of using this to help humanity, the architect of this technology has made it to oppress humanity. This forces pilot Adam Reed to go back to the past and stop the technology from ever being discovered. But when he travels back to a different year than he was aiming to, he teams up with his younger self to find a way to get back on track in saving the future.
As anticipated, "The Adam Project" was a mix of serious and comedy with Ryan Reynolds at the helm of the film. In fact, in this movie, we sort of get a double dose of his unique flavor of comedy as young actor Walker Scobell was eerily able to keep in step with Reynolds. If you loved Ryan Reynolds before, then you'll probably love "The Adam Project" like we did. But we must admit, the film also came off as a pretty straightforward Netflix release - feeling safe and generic with its beats and tone. Minus some sci-fi specific surprises, the broad strokes of its story will be familiar territory especially for a film that targets a family-friendly tone. This also translates into its action as there will be no blood or gore here. There's a pretty swift explanation on why (at least the film attempted to) but this was a pretty tame experience for those who want more grunt. The biggest issue for "The Adam Project" was its time-travel science. It felt simple, at the same time complex, but never believable. It was amusing to see Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo arguing with the implications of changing the past but we never really bought into any of its explanations. Overall, "The Adam Project" was a fun, dramatic, and funny trip through time. Its science may be out of whack, but everything else in the film was good to great.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- it was dramatic and fun experience

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- its time-travel science felt out of whack
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