Greed: Movie Review

Greed Movie Review: A flawed but powerful take on money's deathly allure.

Watch Nadine Lustre in "Indak" - her last film project before "Greed":

How much are you willing to trade your life for money? That is the basic premise of "Greed" as the characters within the film tries to find the moralities and complications of actually winning millions from the lottery. This topic isn't new but for us, the film had an interesting twist and meat on the bone. But the lackluster execution when it comes to its pacing meant that the film doesn't reach its fullest potential. 

Young couple Tomi (Diego Loyzaga) and Kichi (Nadine Lustre) aspire to get married one day and leave their sleepy town. But this is easier said than done as both have no money to start a new life. Tomi and Kichi are convinced by his friend Dadong (Epy Quizon) to put a stake in the upcoming lottery since it is the biggest in history. When Kichi's numbers actually win, the couple are forced into a conundrum - is it safe to reveal the truth, who should they trust, and when is the right time to claim their millions?

Feeling like a made for television experience, "Greed" still surprised us with how it was able to recover from its deficiencies time and time again. The biggest issue we had with "Greed" was its obsession on fading out of scenes. Not only was it distracting or dated, these transitions meant huge time jumps that were both jarring and confusing. Another thing that we noticed was its laughably bad soundtrack that fits more on a local television show than a full fledge movie. Anyway, if you could get over the less-than-stellar quality in terms of its pacing and soundtrack, "Greed" had some depth. It had a satisfyingly complex look into how money and greed could affect our lives like our characters - even if they were written to be extremely flawed and limited. If not for anything, it will help you ponder on how money has affected your decisions in the past, present, and even the future. In a season where "bayaran" and "ayuda" has been rolling around people's minds, how much are you willing to give up your future for just a taste of some money?   

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- its narrative, while limited, had a lot of meat
- great acting from the cast especially given the stifling portrayal they had to contend with

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the pacing and scene transitions were jarring
- felt like it was made to be a television show and not a movie
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