Girl in the Picture: Movie Review

Girl in the Picture Movie Review: Stranger Than Fiction

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"Girl in the Picture" reminds us of that famous "Forrest Gump " line - "life is like a box of chocolates" - because you'll never fathom the labyrinthian revelations that this true crime documentary brings forth to its audience. This was heart-breaking, sad , sick, and interesting.

When a young woman, Tonya Dawn Hughes, is found dead on the side of a highway, the authorities at first thought that she died from a hit-and-run. But when they closely-observed her injuries, they soon deduce that out she didn't die from a car accident but from physical abuse. Her husband becomes a primary suspect. As the FBI investigate further, they unravel a dark secret that will not only reveal the true identity of Tonya but the sick crimes that her husband has committed.  

There's one scene in this documentary wherein one of the Sharon Marshall's friend reveals that Sharon was raped in front of her by her father at gunpoint when she slept over their house. You would think that this was the peak of this crazy story but it wasn't. The sad reality is, Sharon Marshall, and the abuse she received from Franklin Delano Floyd was just the very tip of the iceberg. This was a harrowing tale that got crazier by the minute. This was unique but in a very disheartening way. If there's one thing that audiences need to look out for though is that this documentary is interview-heavy so it really needs your attention to grasp the scope and emotion of its topic. For us, we actually liked this format better. Director Skye Borgman was able to layout these interviews in a very balanced manner and playing around these interviews to slowly unravel revelations one by one. That last few scenes were emotional and dramatic which we didn't expect too.     

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- this was a very unique but disheartening real-life story

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- interview heavy so it needs you full attention
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