The Entitled: Movie Review

The Entitled Movie Review: Nothing But a Second Rate Trying Hard Copycat

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If you like your comedy crass, dumb, and offensive, then "The Entitled" will probably make you laugh out loud with its constant barrage of its unhinged in-your-face comedy. But for us, "The Entitled" was more cringe than laughs. It's a dumb comedy that just too rude and too braindead to really justify its existence even.  
Belinda (Alex Gonzaga) is from the very poor town of Nalopok. But she soon discovers that she is actually the daughter of an ultra-rich hotelier (Johnny Revilla) who wants to reconnect with his long lost child. Wanting to please his dad at all cost, Belinda agrees to got to her dad's mansion and become one of the executives in one of his hotels. But this is easier said than done as Belinda doesn't know anything about the lifestyle and etiquette of the rich. To help her, her dad enlists his trusted lawyer Attorney Jake (JC de Vera) and helper Yaya Mon (Melai Cantiveros) to help out.  
One of our guilty pleasures from time to time are dumb comedies. The kind of films that you want to relax, unwind, and laugh without the need to think. "The Entitled" was the kind of dumb comedy that just did the opposite. With its offensive humor and deplorable writing, we just found ourselves stressed and overthinking if this movie was being too mean and too judgmental just to eke out some laughter. Our main character Belinda, for example, encounters uncontrollable farts and shit whenever she's stressed out. This was a running gag throughout the film and we wished these kinds of thoughtless humor be stuck in the 90s for good. As a romance comedy. this film was also pretty much generic and uneventful. You already knew what the major beats will be just from characters conversing as they heavily hinted what will happen next. We actually felt bad for the actors who seemingly gave their all to provide audiences at least a laugh or two.  
Rating: 1 and a half reels

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