Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola are the Latest PLDT Home Brand Ambassadors

It’s been a little over a year since celebrity power couple Luis and Jessy Manzano tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Batangas. Since then, the Manzanos have not only grown together as a couple but also as individuals.

Now, the couple are the newest faces of PLDT Home, the country’s fastest home broadband, and Luis and Jessy show a glimpse of their life together, and how families can do things better at home.

Stronger Bonds at Home 
Through their respective YouTube channels, Jessy and Luis share snippets of their daily routines, interests, and dreams for the future. But what exactly is a day like for the Manzanos?

According to Jessy, they always start the day with a good and hearty breakfast before moving on to a couple’s workout. As a health and fitness enthusiast, Jessy always makes it a point to ensure that she eats healthy and keeps her body active.

“Then, we check our social media accounts to see how our content posts are doing. We also watch movies together or explore new places to eat or visit. Our PLDT Home’s fastest internet connection allows us to do all these things conveniently at home,” Jessy shared.

The internet is also an integral part of their lives according to the couple, and having the fastest connection allows them to interact with each other and their fans and learn new things.

“We live in an age where everything has to be quick and instant. Having that fast and reliable connection of PLDT Home gives you more chances to do better for yourself and others,” Luis remarked.

For Jessy, PLDT Home’s fastest connection allows her to discover new things through video tutorials or reliable sources. It also allows her to connect to her 1.05 million subscribers and take them with her in her daily journeys–from unboxing her favorite products to visiting her dad in Dubai or giving updates on their dream home.

“My YouTube channel taught me to show the real me and how to be more open to the world. It helped me become more relaxed and original when it comes to myself. I promised myself to always put out real and authentic content because my subscribers and viewers appreciated me more when I started showing my true self,” she said.

Doing Things Together and Better at Home
Marriage is a learning experience for both Jessy and Luis, as they continuously discover more about each other and themselves.

“Being married and pursuing personal goals at the same time is possible. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t let go of your personal aspirations once you get married. I’m lucky I married a person who would always support me no matter what,” said Jessy.

For Luis, communication is key. It is also important for him to not forget about date nights, to never lose the honeymoon phase, and to savor each moment he spends with Jessy. The couple also mentioned that they are setting their eyes on putting up their own production company, and are planning to visit Switzerland soon. 

“One thing that never fails is how we bond by streaming movies, downloading or uploading vlogs, watching scuba diving videos, and others.  What I got to appreciate about my wife even more is how family-oriented she is both towards her own, mine, and our own family,” Luis added.

The Manzanos believe that doing better at home and in life can be fostered with the fastest internet connection and by realizing that there is always something more to learn, discover and appreciate.

“Life should always be a constant journey of learning and loving,” Luis said.

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