I Used to Be Famous: Movie Review

I Used to Be Famous Movie Review: An Emotional Surprise from Netflix 

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We won't deny that Netflix releases recently have been a lot of misses than hits. These generic and run of the mill offerings have put a huge damper on our own enthusiasm when covering content from the outfit. But from time to time, Netflix is able to put up a hidden gem. "I Used to Be Famous" is easily one of those releases. It's not perfect and it's a bit predictable but even with its generic undertones, this film had a lot of heart. 

Vince (Ed Skrein) used to be famous a couple of decades ago when he was the lead for the boyband Stereo Dreams. But as fate would have it, his success was short-lived and he has been struggling to make it big once again in the cutthroat music industry. One day, he meets a young autistic drummer Stevie  (Leo Long). The two start off an unlikely friendship as the two misunderstood musicians join forces to create music that may just prove to be their ticket to success.

"I Used to Be Famous" isn't a masterpiece and it's definitely not a must-watch experience. It has a whole lot of issues particularly in its writing as the film came off as a bit generic and predictable even with its unconventional approach. We also felt that the back stories of its main characters, particularly Vince, was a little bit rushed and undercooked. But what it had a lot to give was a lot of grit and emotions that we didn't expect. At the center of this was Ed Skrein who had a note-worthy performance as a struggling musician who has yet to move on from the sins of his past. There were pockets of scenes that just stood out and had us in sheer amazement with their execution. The several Church scenes featuring music therapy and the very first gig of Vince and Stevie were the highlights for us. If you have a couple of hours to spare, spending it on "I used to Be Famous" is not a bad way to do it.

Rating: 3 and half reels

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