The Hunt: Movie Review

The Hunt Movie Review: Off-putting in So Many Levels

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"The Hunt" played with our emotions throughout its runtime. Partly because it was unpredictable and partly because it was simply dumb and silly. One thing's for sure though, even with its faults, "The Hunt" was competent and had enough spunk to provide a no-frills entertaining experience from start to finish. 

There has been rumors that a bunch of rich individuals have been hunting individuals for sport in Vermont. When Crystal May Creasey (Betty Gilpin) and eleven other individuals wake up in the middle of nowhere, the conspiracy turns out to be deadly real. But growing up in Arkansas and a former Afghanistan veteran, Crystal may just have what it takes to turn the table against their twisted captors.   

There'll be a lot of moments in "The Hunt" that were just really dumb. But the hyper-violence and gore (which we're personal fans off) simply made up for its narrative and writing deficiencies. Because at the end of the day, this is an action film and director Craig Zobel knew what made scenes entertaining and a hell lot of fun. Surprisingly, "The Hunt" was very unpredictable especially with its twists and revelations and there's this sense of unease and uncertainty who to really trust. But by its second half, the film loses a lot of its steam. Unfortunately, "The Hunt" was off-beat the whole time especially with Betty Gilpin as the lead actress. Her performance just didn't stick with us all too well even at her best moments. As a satire, we're not sure if we get what "The Hunt" was gunning for. In a way, we felt that they used its satirical elements as a marketing tool to build hype rather than pointing out a real agenda. Overall though, taken as a purely gory action film, "The Hunt" is an easy recommend from us.     

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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