Black Adam: Movie Review

Black Adam Movie Review: The DCEU Formula is Here

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Being a mix of superhero and villain, you would think that "Black Adam" could turn out to be one of the darkest DCEU releases yet. But this is far from the truth and minus the questionable morals of its protagonist in terms of dealing with his foes, "Black Adam" was one of the lightest and approachable DCEU films yet. It seems as though the DC Extended Universe has found its own successful superhero formula quite distinct from its competition. Is this a power shift in the genre? We don't know. But we love what we're seeing recently for this franchise and what we experienced in "Black Adam".

Nearly 5,000 years ago, an oppressive king wanted to ultimate power for himself. He created a crown that will call upon the power of ancient demons at the expense of his own people. Before he could finish his dream, an ordinary slave was able to stop him being bestowed by the power of wizards. But this hero has since disappeared and becoming a mythical hero of the country of Kahndaq. Accidentally, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is freed from his tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world and free Kahndaq once again.

When an actor loves what he's doing it shows and in "Black Adam", Dwayne Johnson seemed to be loving his role so much. To say that the titular character was made for him is stating the obvious. But Johnson exceeded our expectations in his portrayal of Black Adam. We wouldn't say its his best performance as an actor but the fan service, the love, and the meticulous nuances makes his superhero stint come off as special. But Black Adam wasn't the only stand out hero in the film. Aldis Hodge's Hawkman and Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate were as easily great and memorable as our main protagonist. Surprisingly, one of our apprehensions coming into the film were the overblown visual effects but it actually turned out to be great. What we didn't like about the film was it came off as a bit too predictable and maybe even a little bit formulaic. Even with its "greyish" plot (becoming a superhero or becoming a villain), this was still your typical origin story. There were also some scenes, especially involving the character of Amon who is a young kid, that came off quite as cheesy and repetitive. While "Black Adam" wasn't perfect, it wasn't bad either. At least recent DCEU films are toe-to-toe against its main competition and you can count "Black Adam" as one of these successful and entertaining releases.    

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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