House of the Dragon Season 1 Review

House of the Dragon Season 1 Review: Prequel Done Right

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"House of the Dragon" isn't perfect and it had a lot of questionable flaws that had us scratching our heads more times than we could have expected. But here's the deal, this first season had the same tender loving care that the earlier seasons of "Game of Thrones" had. This meant that each episode was meticulously crafted, acted, scored, and narratively-developed and didn't have that rushed quality that completely ruined the last season. 

House Targaryen finds itself in the beginning of its end as the current King and Queen is unable to produce a male heir. This struggle will eventually lead to a civil war of succession known as the "Dance of the Dragons" which will pit the family's own members against each other.

If we could judge "House of the Dragon" on a per episode basis, this series would have scored higher but there's no denying that while episodes came off as full to the brim and well-developed, taken as a whole, "House of the Dragon Season 1" still had a lot of deficiencies in delivering the full scope of its narrative. On one hand, we get it - you can only put so much material in ten episodes. But the significant time jumps from one episode to the next were too much especially in its latter half. To the point that we had a hard time following who was who and as supporting characters transitioned from young kids to young adult quickly. But aside from this issue, "House of the Dragon" in its best moments was simply stupendous. The 5th and 8th episodes are standouts but the consistency in quality was an outstanding feat in itself. No episode felt like it was a waste and each one had a clear purpose and contribution in all of the intrigue. Overall, "House of the Dragon" Season 1 wasn't perfect but it was able to mark its own identity and justify its existence.

Rating: 4 reels

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