Old People: Movie Review

Old People: Zombies Gone Old

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Maybe some elements just were lost in translation but "Old People" perplexed us. On one hand, we appreciated its premise especially on how younger people treat old people. But on the other hand, it felt like there were a lot of things that needed more explanation and needed more meat to make it a fully satisfying experience.

A few years ago, old people suddenly attacked the general population. Now a woman is going to her hometown with her two kids to celebrate her sister's wedding. During their visit, the old people once again goes "crazy" and goes on a rampage on the townsfolk. The woman must now find a way to defend her family against the unrelenting attack of the old people.

If there's one thing we liked about "Old People", it would be its cinematography and style. Director Andy Fetscher knew how to make these old people look terrifying. There are certainly some sequences here that we found tense-filled and even action-packed. If we could best describe this German horror film, it would be a mix of "Don't Breathe" and "The Walking Dead". Literally, these are zombies without the risk of getting infected. What's lacking though is any kind of explanation or character development or solid story to hold its ideas together. For us, it was a confusing mess as we tried to understand what the film was trying to say. We have a sinking feeling that a lot of these minute details got lost in translation. It also doesn't help that the story beats were predictable very early on in the film so there are very little surprises for the audiences to hope for. In any case, "Old People" is a straight-forward suspense thriller that had its moments. Just don't expect to get a full picture and you should be mostly okay by the time it ends.  

Rating: 2 reels

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