Enola Holmes 2: Movie Review

Enola Holmes 2 Movie Review: Satisfying Sequel

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It's a rarity to get a sequel as good or one that even surpasses its already excellent predecessor. With "Enola Holmes 2", audiences will get an experience that is at least as entertaining and as charming as the film before. Dare we say that it could even be better? 

Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) has started her own detective agency but she soon finds herself having trouble on getting cases as first, she's a woman and second, she's in the shadow of her famous brother Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). When she's about to close shop, a young girl approaches her to take on a case of her missing sister Sarah (Hannah Dodd). What seemed to be a simple case at first turns out to be one that could literally shatter society for good.

"Enola Holmes 2" felt extremely familiar but a more mature version of the first film. And if you didn't enjoy the first film's style, then it's probably best to avoid the sequel altogether. Because at its core, the film presents the same elements that worked and the same setbacks that we detailed from two years ago. The film's best bits were the fourth wall breaking presence of Enola which brought a lot of charm and light-hearted material into the fold. Millie Bobby Brown once again shines as Enola and we found ourselves swooning over her time and time again. This time, the supporting cast played a bigger role. Surprisingly, Sherlock and Enola finally gets a chance to work together extensively and even Viscount Tewksbury got a bigger role. Unfortunately, like the last film, we found that there was lackluster revelations with regards to Enola's mother (plated by Helena Bonham Carter) and that the film's mystery was a little bit too simple and too sweeping like before. While there were more components at work, the story felt rushed and half-baked at times. Overall though, "Enola Holmes 2" might have the same faults as before but the charm, wit, humor, and dynamics between each character meant that this was an entertaining sequel nonetheless.  

Rating: 4 reels

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