Magic Mike's Last Dance: Movie Review

Magic Mike's Last Dance Movie Review: Sizzling Dances Aside, This Last Time Ain't Worth It

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As expected, "Magic Mike's Last Dance" doesn't deviate from past entries. You know what you're getting yourself into by paying the ticket price - and it sure ain't the excellent writing or the excellent script. Featuring the series' best choreography, some could easily forgive and forget its core deficiencies. But for us, these core issues were huge distractions to our enjoyment of the film and the overall outcome didn't really justify why we needed this third film in the first place. 

Mike "Magic Mike" Lane's (Channing Tatum) business venture fails due to the pandemic and he is forced to become a bartender. By chance, he services wealthy socialite Maxandra Mendoza (Salma Hayek Pinault), who asks for Mike's Last Dance - in which he obliges when she agrees to pay him the amount he asks for. Stunned by Mike's talent, she offers him a deal that he can't refuse - and all he needs to do is go to London and help her get revenge on her husband by directing a play. With everything on the line, can Mike pull it off one last time?

There's something off about "Magic Mike's Last Dance" that we just couldn't shake off. It was as if they either didn't know what they wanted to achieve specifically or they were just taking themselves a little bit too seriously or maybe they were trying too hard to be a little deeper than eye-candy. In any case, the film's major plot points just never gelled to be a cohesive whole and this film just lacked that character, soul, and even that funny bone in huge swats of the movie. The film, as usual, attempted to be a film more than stripping and this time, its more centered on feminism and women empowerment as Salma Hayek Pinault's character Maxandra attempts to fight against her rich and psychologically-abusive husband. We buy it and we also kinda didn't buy it at the same time. The film doesn't give enough time to really distinguish the character's eccentricities and we found ourselves struggling to relate with Maxandra's plight. Pacing issues and writing issues aside, we might be barking on the wrong tree as "Magic Mike's Last Dance" had some amazing and outstanding choreography not only from Channing Tatum but from the other dancers as well. That first scene between Hayek and Tatum was a highlight and also that climactic dance with a ballerina in the "rain" near the film's end. If you're in it for the dances alone, this film delivers but it also attempts to do more and that is where its struggles to be more than eye-candy sadly.    

Rating: 2 reels

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