Arnold Docuseries Review

Arnold Docuseries Review: Arnold for Arnold by Arnold

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Fascinating. Even without this documentary, Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt one of the most accomplished men in modern times. In each aspect that he has found himself delving into, he has always found success. Having his own docuseries is testament to his abilities as an athlete, actor, and more. "Arnold" makes us see Schwarzenegger in a more cerebral and personal light - a rare look into his psyche and his struggles as a regular human being. But there's no denying that this documentary felt like it was made for Arnold and maybe even by Arnold. One that ultimately accentuates his positives and sidelines a lot of his negatives in the process.

The docuseries follows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s multifaceted life and career, from his humble beginnings in Austria, into transforming into a bodybuilding great to a Hollywood icon and to an unlikely politician as the Governor of California.

Our biggest gripe with "Arnold" was that it had a tendency to set aside any lingering negative issues that happened throughout Schwarzenegger's life. It was expected but it still was disappointing nonetheless. Don't get us wrong though. The docuseries does reveal Arnold’s personal challenges but these were brushed aside as quickly as they were mentioned, especially those that might significantly impact the public’s perception of his stellar legacy. From his steroid use and to his infidelity to his abuse of women, these touchy topics were never explored as much as we would have hoped for. If you could get over the pro-Arnold bias, this docuseries was in fact intriguing, captivating, and ultimately, inspiring. This is probably the most vulnerable we will ever see Arnold Schwarzenegger even with its limitations. We loved the format of this docuseries detailing Arnold’s biggest cornerstones in his life. Broken down into three episodes, as an Athlete, Actor, and American, the three episodes were well-paced and showed three distinct aspects and ages of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. Overall, “Arnold” turned out to be a whole lot better than we expected and one that managed to make us both laugh and inspired at the same time. 

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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