Insidious: The Red Door: Movie Review

Insidious: The Red Door Movie Review: Last Gasp

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It may come as a surprise but we never really got into the "Insidious" franchise and this fifth and final film is our first taste of "Insidious". So did we enjoy it? A bit. We loved the unnerving tension brought about by its countless and endless buildups to jump scares. And we loved the bound between father and son that brought in some emotional heft that we didn't anticipate. But there's really no going around it that "Insidious: The Red Door" came off with a pedestrian and generic story that doesn't really live up to it being the finale to one of the well-known modern horror franchises. If this was a test to check if the franchise could make a comeback after a five year hiatus, then this film was probably its very last gasp unfortunately. 

A decade after the Lamberts are able to survive their supernatural ordeal, Dalton (Ty Simpkins) is now off to college. But when Dalton unknowingly taps into his repressed memories, he opens up a door leading to his families forgotten dark past. As Dalton is haunted by unknown entities, he rediscovers The Further with dangerous implications for him and his soul. Josh (Patrick Wilson) must go deeper into The Further than ever before to reconnect and hopefully save his son and his family once again.

We came into "Insidious: The Red Door" with an open mind literally. Not having much of a back story to the other films, we were expecting to be scared to our wits at least. In this regard, "Insidious: The Red Door" was able to deliver. This film was tense-filled with a lot of heavy-handed build-up to jump scares. Part of the fun was feeling the same tension and emotions as the other people with us in the cinema. We were all dreading in anticipation not knowing when that burst of horror will show up. Knowing that this film was Patrick Wilson's directorial debut even makes this result more impressive as he was able to deliver a consistent package from start to finish. Were the film falters for us was its story. Maybe were not as invested with these characters as fans of the franchise but we found the story to be pedestrian, decent, but nothing amazing. Pacing was also an issue as the final act was just a blur to the finish line. 

Rating: 3 reels

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