Leave the World Behind: Movie Review

Leave the World Behind Movie Review: Back to the Stone Ages

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Imagine a world where our modern crutches - AI, the internet, our always-connected high tech devices - suddenly stop working. "Leave the World Behind" plunges viewers into this haunting scenario, compelling us to contemplate a reality void of our technological lifelines. Sam Esmail's film is an enigma that grips your attention from the outset, leaving viewers hungry and continuously deciphering its unsettling narrative.

As the Sandfords embark on a much-needed family escape to a secluded rental home, their tranquility is shattered with the unexplained beaching of oil tanker and their devices stopped working soon after that. Things take a sinister turn when two unexpected and demanding guests show up at their doorstep.

Most of its duration, "Leave the World Behind" captivated our attention effortlessly. The stellar performances, predominantly by the seasoned actors, elevated the suspense and mystery, blurring the lines of trust and sparking intricate conspiracy theories within our heads. Yet, beyond the compelling acting, the narrative artfully weaves in eerily realistic societal and technological dilemmas we often overlook. When we think of our devices, we always have contingencies on-hand but what if everything just stops working one afternoon? In the film, there are no tangible adversaries that are typical of apocalyptic films, instead, the characters confront racism, classism, and more, that are more grounded ideas than we expected. While 99% of the journey is a non-stop mesmerizing experience, the film's ending diverges sharply, a literal showstopper that halts any momentum and will probably polarize audiences. It's a bold move from Sam Esmail and mirroring the novel closely but one that leave a stingy after taste in our opinion. Ultimately, "Leave the World Behind" thrills in its own distinct manner, prompting contemplation long after the credits roll. It's a cinematic venture that sparks discussions and leaves a lingering impact despite its unconventional, divisive conclusion.

Rating: 4 reels

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