The Zone of Interest: Movie Review

The Zone of Interest Movie Review: Background Horror

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The Zone of Interest" demands your undivided attention; it's a film that thrives in silence, urging you to shut out the world's distractions and immerse yourself in its haunting soundscape. This isn't a movie for casual viewing; it's an experience that pierces through the senses, laying bare the horrors lurking beneath the veneer of mundane normalcy.

Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel), the commandant of a concentration camp, and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Hüller), strive to create the ideal family life amidst the unfathomable cruelty of their surroundings. Yet, as Rudolf ascends to a higher post, their cherished and beloved home may soon become a casualty of Rudolf's horrific ambitions.

"The Zone of Interest" meticulously unravels the mundane existence of a German family, exposing the reality of their evil hiding in plain sight but aurally clear for audiences to hear. Its deliberate pace and subdued visuals serve as a canvas for the insidious undercurrents of their own violence and own hidden racism. The film's brilliance lies not in overt and bombastic displays of horror, but in the unsettling symphony of background noises – the distant cries of the oppressed, the crackle of gunfire, the wails of infants torn from their mothers – each a grim reminder that the idyllic visuals are a mere ruse to what's really happening outside their walls. To fully appreciate the film, one should listen to the film's soundtrack in great detail, where every sound carries the weight of evil and of horror. Without the emphasis on sound, "The Zone of Interest" will be strange and nothing of interest. In a cinematic landscape often dominated by visual flair, "The Zone of Interest" stands as a testament to the power of subtlety and restraint. It's a film that whispers where others shout, inviting audiences to lean in and confront the uncomfortable truths lurking in the shadows. For those willing to listen, it promises an experience that lingers long after the credits roll - a symphony of unease that echoes in the deepest recesses of one's mind.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

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