Netflix Drops "PHYSICAL: 100 SEASON 2 - UNDERGROUND" Trailer and It Looks Insane

One of the best shows on Netflix last year, the survival reality show "Physical: 100" is coming back on March 19, 2024 with 100 new contestants to claim the honor of the ultimate physique. The fiery global
competition promises to take the challenges to new heights and if it's main trailer is any indication, this new upcoming season is going to be insane:

The trailer features a set with 100 curved self-powered treadmills as the contestants try to run the most in 10 minutes. Another set showed a fight ring similar to an octagon used in UFC fights. While another set featured a maze type challenge. 

One thing's sure though, the challenges are going to be hell for the contestants.

"Physical: 100" is a variety show who pits physically-gifted contestants against each other and the winner will be crowned with the best physique. The first season featured a variety of contestants including fighters, Olympians, and fitness influencers. The first season, even with some controversies, was a global success. 
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