Thanksgiving: Movie Review

Thanksgiving Movie Review: Dumb Fun

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"Thanksgiving" is that guilty pleasure slasher flick where you can switch off your brain and indulge in some mindless entertainment. While the film ventures into bizarre territory and lacks coherence, having low expectations allowed us to overlook its faults. Despite its nonsensical plot, the film's gruesomely creative kills provide bursts of exhilaration that make it a thrilling watch at its peak moments.

Set against the backdrop of a tragic Black Friday riot at the RightMart superstore the previous year, a mysterious serial killer, donning a John Carver mask, haunts Plymouth, Massachusetts, targeting those deemed responsible for the catastrophe due to their greed and recklessness.

Will John Carver become an iconic slasher figure? Unlikely. "Thanksgiving" is more of an in-the-moment experience if we could best describe it. Commendably, Eli Roth injects a considerable amount of fun into the film, particularly through its over-the-top kill sequences. Each gruesome moment delivers an adrenaline rush, leaving audiences craving for more. In fact, the relatively low kill count is a downside we felt throughout its runtime. However, narratively, the film hits a low point. Many story elements lack coherence, especially concerning the revelation of John Carver's identity. Nonetheless, expecting flawless storytelling from "Thanksgiving" is unrealistic and an expectation that's simple fooling yourself. Despite its flaws, "Thanksgiving" remains a fun and thrilling ride, delivering exactly what one might expect from it. While it may not be remembered as a cultural icon, it fulfills its promise of providing mindless entertainment and gruesome shocking moments along the way. 

Rating: 3 reels

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