GG: Good Game: Movie Review

GG: Good Game Movie Review: Beyond Gaming

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"GG: Good Game" reminds us of how we felt when we watched 2023's "Gran Turismo". Both films, centered around gaming and esports, transcend their themes to explore deeper life struggles and decisions. Initially, we approached "GG: Good Game" with apprehensions, doubting if a video game movie could ever be good. However, like "Gran Turismo," this film proves that life and esports are more than about gaming - it's about life's broader challenges and the choices and relationships we make along the way that matter.

The story follows Eskape (Donny Pangilinan), an aspiring pro-gamer mourning the death of his beloved grandmother (Boots Anson Roa), who raised him. Forced to live with his estranged mother (Maricel Laxa) who abandoned him as a baby, Eskape’s life takes a turn when he is invited to join an underdog esports team. As he navigates the pressures of his new life and life-long dreams, Eskape faces the challenge of balancing both or having to choose one to succeed.

Despite being marketed as an esports movie, "GG: Good Game" deviates significantly from its esports focus. The film attempts to tackle numerous themes, sometimes pushing agendas that ultimately go nowhere. For instance, Eskape’s dilemma between continuing his education or pursuing an esports career presents an intriguing conflict. However, the execution falls short as the ramifications of his choice are quickly sidelined, making the alternative path suddenly inconsequential. This lack of follow-through on key plot points happens repeatedly, resulting in a rushed portrayal of Eskape's transformative journey. Additionally, the narrative turns out to be quite predictable and formulaic. However, this familiarity doesn't detract from the film's overall appeal. Despite its flaws, "GG: Good Game" manages to be compelling, offering a deeper look into the esports journey than anticipated. The writing and narrative may have their shortcomings, but they do not overshadow the film’s ability to present a relatable and worthwhile experience. The film’s strength lies in its ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level, exploring themes of family, loss, and ambition. While the esports element could have been more robustly developed, the movie still succeeds in conveying the personal growth and struggles of its protagonist. In conclusion, It’s a film that resonates with anyone facing life’s crossroads, proving that even in a predictable journey, there are moments worth experiencing.

Rating: 3 reels

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