Ultraman: Rising: Movie Review

Ultraman: Rising Movie Review: Ultradad

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We went into "Ultraman: Rising" with no particular expectations. Despite its popularity, it's been a while since we last watched an Ultraman episode. To our surprise, "Ultraman: Rising" turned out to be a compelling family drama that resonates emotionally with adults and is visually vibrant enough to entertain younger audiences.

The story unfolds with Tokyo under siege from rising kaiju attacks. Baseball superstar Ken Sato (voiced by Christopher Sean) returns home to become Ultraman, the superhero once helmed by his father, Professor Sato (voiced by Gedde Watanabe). The plot thickens as Ken is forced to adopt a baby kaiju, protecting her from those who seek to exploit her for their own dark purposes.

At two hours long, "Ultraman: Rising" does overstay its welcome a bit. Despite its extended runtime, it sometimes skips over important details, and its narrative tends to jump to obvious conclusions. However, this doesn't overshadow its strengths. Visually, the film is stunning, boasting a unique look and crisp, seamless animations that particularly shine in the latter portions. Emotionally, the film excels. Ken Sato's journey as a "single parent" strikes a chord, and his deeper relationship with his father adds an unexpected emotional depth to the narrative. "Ultraman: Rising" deviates from the typical Ultraman experience in a refreshing way, making it a compelling watch. Overall, despite its flaws, "Ultraman: Rising" punches above its weight, offering both a visually and emotionally satisfying experience.

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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