A Family Affair: Movie Review

A Family Affair Movie Review: Lacks Connection

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The very first thing that came to mind while watching "A Family Affair" was how Nicole Kidman ended up in this film. While she’s free to make any career choices, a generic Netflix romantic comedy seems beneath her talent. Unfortunately, the film never evolves beyond what you’d expect and, in many ways, it’s even worse.

In "A Family Affair," Zara Ford (Joey King) is an assistant to action star Chris Cole (Zac Efron). She knows all the details of Chris' high-maintenance, selfish, and self-absorbed personality. When Chris meets Zara's mom, Brooke (Nicole Kidman), they quickly start a budding affair. Zara must then decide whether to let her mom be happy or reveal the truth about Chris.

While clichés and tropes are tolerable in rom-coms, what we can't accept is the jittery and uneven pacing of this film. The biggest shame is how the talent is wasted on a narrative and script that fail to justify the film’s existence. The story is as generic as they come, and it doesn’t make much sense, even for a romance-comedy. The screenplay lacks consistency, with abrupt developments that feel forced. For instance, Chris and Brooke suddenly fall deeply in love, becoming inseparable without any believable buildup. This inconsistency extends to character development. We couldn’t connect with Zara, Brooke, or Chris on a deeper level, despite the opportunities the story presented. However, Kathy Bates’ portrayal of Zara’s grandma was a pleasant surprise—authentic and heart-warming. Overall, "A Family Affair" sounds ridiculous and unfortunately delivers on that promise.

Rating: 1 and half reels

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