Hubie Halloween: Movie Review

Well, now we know that Adam Sandler delivers on his words. He promised to make the worst film ever after the Oscars snub he received with the excellent "Uncut Gems". And this is what we actually experienced with "Hubie Halloween" - or pretty close to it. Maybe we're getting old and our appetite for humor has evolved but even its comedy severely fell flat and there's no redeemable factor whatsoever in "Hubie Halloween".

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) has never really grown up and one of his obsessions is to spend every Halloween making sure the residents of his hometown, Salem, are safe and play by the rules. But this year is different as a new and mysterious neighbor arrives and has Hubie believing he is a real-life werewolf. When residents start disappearing one-by-one, Hubie's silly accusation might actually be true.

Adam Sandler films are a guilty pleasure of ours and a majority of his previous films we actually love even the bad ones like "Jack and Jill". And knowing his style, we were not expecting anything great from "Hubie Halloween" but it still ended up disappointing us a lot. Of course, it didn't have a solid story or narrative, it was as silly and simple as any Sandler film that came before it, and that's a given. But the film just failed to entertain us time and time again - maybe a couple of scenes had as blurt out a slight chuckle - but really, 99% of the jokes just had us rolling our eyes and miserably failed to land. In fact, we were really struggling to finish the film and we wanted to press the stop button countless times as the film dragged on endlessly with its disjointed and bloated scenes. The acting was also horrendous. It was as if the actors knew how bad the film was and they just didn't bring their a-game knowing it was just pointless. And don't get us started with how annoying the character of Hubie Dubois actually was. Sadly, we just couldn't find any saving grace for this film as much as we wanted to find one. Maybe if you like cameos you'll find something that may entertain you from time to time  it but this is one of the worst Sandler films we have ever seen.

Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:

- If you like celebrity cameos then you might at least enjoy these

Why you shouldn't watch it:

-The comedy was disappointing

- The struggle was real in trying to finish this in one sitting

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