They Cloned Tyrone: Movie Review

They Cloned Tyrone: Can We Clone More Tyrones?

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From science fiction, blaxpoitation, and even comedy, Juel Taylor's "They Cloned Tyrone" was able to ease its way into a multitude of genres to make it a great Netflix film that simply flew under our radars. From its actors to its concept and to its format, everything just fell into place and there's very few reasons why  you shouldn't give "They Cloned Tyrone" a shot if you haven't yet.

Fontaine (John Boyega) is a drug dealer in his neighborhood of Glen. He meets with Slick Charles (Jamie Foxx) to collect on his debt with Fontaine. Right after they meet, Fontaine is fatally shot by another drug dealer - which is witnessed by Slick and one of his sex workers Yo-Yo (Teyonah Parris). But when Fontaine shows up at Slick's place the next day, the trio stumble upon a cloning conspiracy that will uncover so much more about their lives within the Glen.

Coming from the heavy-handed approach of "Barbie's" wokeness, the social commentary within "They Cloned Tyrone" takes a more subtle approach. In fact, you can probably take it all in as a pure sci-fi comedy experience and you will be none the wiser to its more sinister satire behind the curtain. If  "Get Out" was the terrifying take on race issues within America then "They Cloned Tyrone" was its funny cousin. More than its content, what drives "They Cloned Tyrone" was its main cast. John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris simply nailed it and killed it. They had memorable performances and awesome chemistry. Their characters, as distinct and quirky as they were from each other, fit well to make this one fun and funny experience. Sadly, the narrative and the late revelations just fell short in our opinion. It became predictable near the end but this is a very minor issue considering the film as a whole package. 

Rating: 4 reels

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